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As far as I know, I’ve graduated from Glendon. I mean, I got invited to convocation and I haven’t heard anything suggesting that I’ve done anything but graduate – but I won’t feel 100% confident until I receive absolute confirmation that I have finished this degree.

I left Toronto 3 weeks(?) ago.

In that time I took a test for a job that I do not have the skills for and did not pass this test.

I mean, I didn’t fail *miserably* but I didn’t reach the “competitive range”.

I went back down to the city for the first time as a tourist – going to the ACC for a City & Colour concert and the ROM (first time going to the ROM since elementary school and its after I left the city).

I had an interesting Mother’s Day.

I became really stressed out about finding a job.

I realised that there are no jobs that even require a uni degree anywhere I want to live.

I cried over how my degree has done nothing for me other than make me eligible for positions that high school graduates can get.

I cried some more over being a loser and taking 5 years to do a general BA.

I cried over: “Of course your degree is useless – I told you years ago that you should change programs and you *refused* to listen to me”. (Not the support I was looking for).


I have since become hell bent on getting a job with either Parks Canada or Ontario Parks.


I love being outside.

I loved interpreting to people where I used to work.

I love teaching people but I don’t want to be a teacher (right now).

I am resolute to find a job where my university degree will serve me and I refuse to have spent 5 years studying Canada for nothing.



Captain Canuck save me!

In the meantime, I’m going to have to find some kind of job so I can start paying back the insane debt I’ve wracked up over the last 5 years but I’m enjoying bumming around Western Ontario and hiding out at my girlfriend’s house.


PS: This is just a sassy post, there are plenty of good things going on right now, there will be another update soon.




Education is great.

Education is wonderful.

Education leads to the world being awesome.


This will not be a post of me ragging on Post-Secondary Education or its merits, but it will be one where I talk about why you shouldn’t go to university/college.

There are bad reasons for going to university/college.

I don’t want anyone to repeat the mistakes I’ve made and I want you to carefully consider your path before you embark on it.


1) Because your parents want you to 

This is the #1 reason because it is absolutely, positively, without a doubt the WORST reason to go to university.

Here’s a little secret from one sort of grown up to a sort of growing up person: DON’T LISTEN TO ANYTHING YOUR PARENTS SAY.

K, I don’t really mean that, sometimes they can have good advice (and don’t take this as an excuse to be a jerk and skip out on stuff like cleaning your room or being a nice person) but what I do mean is DO NOT GO TO UNIVERSITY BECAUSE ITS SOMETHING YOUR PARENTS WANT FOR YOU.



We all want our parents to be proud of us (often especially if we feel like they don’t care about us) but spending thousands of dollars to do something you don’t really like is NOT a good idea.

University and/or College are places of learning, places of growth and places of knowledge.

If you’re there for anything other than yourself – it will strain not only your mental and physical health, but also your relationship with your parents.

Even if you never tell them that you’re only doing it for them, you will grow to resent them, resent university and resent yourself for listening.

Listen to your heart and follow YOUR dreams.

You’re 18, if you want to spend 2 or 3 years trying the whole singing thing – DO IT!

If you want to head out to Australia and work on a dive boat – do it! (I have a buddy who did).

It’s YOUR life and when your parents are gone, will you be proud of what you’ve done for yourself? Or will you still regret listening to them?

PS. Don’t believe the crap they say when they tell you “If you don’t go now, you’ll never go.” People go back to school ALL THE TIME! It’s absolutely manageable, it’ll be a bit tougher if you go when you’re older – but if you aren’t ready right now it’ll feel impossible. 

2) Because you want to escape

Let’s say you have an awful home life (I feel you).

Let’s say you’re gay and you want to run away (I feel you).

Let’s say you’re bored of your little town and you’re dying for a new experience.

Let’s say high school sucked, the people sucked and you want to run away.


I went to university when I was 17 because my choices were stay home and work or go to university.

I absolutely HATED being at home.

I had a countdown to the day I was leaving home starting at 389 days.

I used to plan out how to run away and get away with it, but I was always too scared to do it.

Between cutting myself in places no one could see and starving myself on and off – I was a total disaster literally dying to escape.

I should not have used university as my escape, I should have done Katimavik like my best friend did and found myself that way.


PS escaping doesn’t really work – but distance helps.

University is full of pressures and if you’re trying to run away from one stressful situation – diving into another is not very smart.

You’ll have friends who go away to school, if they aren’t living in res – go move in with them!

Get a crappy job!

Flip burgers and hang out with your friends for a while, until you get sick of it and then call up OSAP and get some of that cash money and go to school.

It’s OK to do that.

You’ll have to be brave to follow a different path, but it won’t be as painful as everyone says it is.

3) Because you think it’ll be one big party

Will you party in university?


Will you party too much?

(If you’re an irresponsible dill hole like me)

Will it negatively affect your grades?

Quite possibly.

If you’re only there to party, will you actually even want to go to class or are you spending thousands of dollars to act out every scene of every stupid American movie you saw about college?

You know the answer to this.

Like I said previously, if you’re not ready for the commitment and the responsibility of university or college yet, DON’T GO.

You will waste your money and you will be unhappy – that’s a guarantee.



You aren’t avoiding life, you’re LIVING IT RIGHT NOW.



WORKING A “BAD” (no such thing) JOB IS LIFE!



4) Because you are unsure of what you want 

Don’t waste your money.

You can do other things to find out your passions, but spending a few grand at school is a bad idea.

The best way to motivate yourself for school is to do something you really hate for a while.

Me, right now.

5) Because you are smart

Guess what?

My buddy and I were the two “smart” kids in our high school.

Guess who struggled the most with university, its pressures and our health?

You know the answer to that one.

Don’t go to university because you’re the smart kid and university is what smart kids do.

At this point, you’re probably thinking:

Damn Krista, you just listed a whole bunch of reasons why I SHOULDN’T go to school, so why should I go to school?

Here are my reasons to go to university/college: 






I would love to go back to school NOW with the knowledge I have of myself.

I have not been the most successful student and its because I didn’t use university as well as I could have.

You are paying for the service and for the knowledge.

You wouldn’t buy something you don’t want to use, so don’t.

Wait until you’re ready, it’ll be worth it!

I found some posts on tumblr that inspired me to write this piece.

This is my advice on how to make the most out of your time in university.


tumblr_myabtqV1CB1r4ueyro1_500You should re-evaluate your expectations of university/your life.

If I’ve learned anything in university, its that I don’t really know anything and that expectations vs reality will never entirely match up.

Drop your expectations and let your university experience shape you and who you will become.

it’s not about finding yourself. it’s about losing yourself completely and trusting that the world around you is going to shape who you are and that it’s okay. (advice to a friend many years ago).

Appreciate this opportunity.

Even when you have 3 papers due and you’ve procrastinated until the night before and you want to kill someone because you’re over caffeinated and over tired, you’re still getting an opportunity many dream of and its important to be grateful.

Appreciate everyone you meet in university: the older students who take you under their wings, the professors (even the ones you hate) and your friends in your first year.

University will be a trying time.

You will have sad days, angry days, stressful days, happy days and some days you’ll feel like giving up. Just keep going.


tumblr_mxk4eq9Lbh1qjm9bpo1_500You are now responsible for yourself.

This means:

Your happiness.

Your cleanliness.

Your education.

Your path.

All of those things are 100% on you.

You are an adult, a very young one, but an adult no less.

It’s time to cut the cord and sail off on your adventure.

Things will not always go your way and you will face many barriers.

They could be as difficult as failing a course, dealing with bullies in residence and/or falling in love with the wrong person(/people).

You’re going to make some bad choices, but that’s okay – its about learning from those mistakes and moving forward.

Forgive yourself and forgive your friends for not always saying the right thing.

We’re all in this together.


You will be the most loved when you smile and are happy.

I’ve battled with depression and anxiety.

I’ve had many other very difficult situations happen.

But, I survived.

I look to make other people smile and make them laugh. I still have very dark days and can often be very negative (call it a disposition if you must).

When I did Frosh week this year and tried to share my joy and love for my friends and this school – I had an awakening.

You can change and you can be happy and you can fill yourself with love.

You can create love in yourself.

When you begin to share love, and share it intentionally it will come back to you tenfold.


1982020_10154071533570107_1921064368_nOne day you’re going to wake up and realize 2009 wasn’t yesterday, it was 5 years ago.

It was fast but it was packed full of memories of happiness, heartbreak, love, stress and growth.

You will see who you’ve become.

Try not to rush to grow up; give yourself the time you need.

You life will hopefully be long and its not a race.

It’s life.

There is no metaphor, analogy or simile that can adequately describe the journey you are on.

Just live it and be.


You are not alone.



This isn’t one I can personally relate to (woot franco-ontarienne) but I know many of my friends have struggled with this aspect of their education at Glendon (it also led to many of my friends switching campuses).

Languages are living breathing entities.

If you had a puppy, you wouldn’t just play with him 3 hours a week and leave him the rest of the time, would you?

Treat your French education like a puppy.

Il s’appelle Franco.

Play with it, feed it often and make sure it has plenty to drink 😉

Trust me, speaking French is EXACTLY LIKE having a puppy – it makes you more interesting and is an excellent conversation starter. It’s also really cute.

PRO TIP: Speak French to your friends, check out Bilingual Buddies and the Salon Francophone – they can all help you out 😀

This isn’t a perfect solution, but its a start!

2. It’s okay to be you

Gay, straight, lesbian, bi, asexual, etc?

Mauritian, European, Canadian, American, Caribbean/West Indian, Eastern European, etc?

Liberal, Conservative, Communist, NDP etc?

Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist etc?


No one cares!*

*What I mean by that is – everyone is down to learn about everyone’s cultures, political affiliations,  and appreciates the differences we all bring to the table. You get to be you and be proud of who you are at Glendon.


(Unless you’re a bigoted jerk, in which case your opinion will shift rather quickly after your first few months at Glendon).

3. You will find a sweet study spot!

Students stroll in and out of the Breezeway throughout the day/night. If you need to be around people and noise – this is an excellent place for you!

If you need silence, hit up Frost! (That’s our library – which is totally underutilized by yours truly).

LUNIK! Also great if you need atmosphere + coffee. Plus its super comfy.

There are also little hidden spots all over the school, I’m not going to give them away BUT I will say go check out the top floors.

4. The 11 is a very inconsistent bus route

If you’re coming in/heading North from Glendon along Bayview – you’re going to have to take the 11 and you CANNOT TRUST IT.

It’s especially bad at night – so trust me when I say give yourself an extra 20 minutes to get anywhere.

And as I said in my previous post about life in Toronto, download the Transit Now App, it will save your life.

5. Thursdays are for pub nights and Fridays for sleeping in

(Sorry Concurrent Education students!)

Thursdays at Glendon are pub nights, where we all go hang out at The Unicorn or on campus and socialize.

I’d say to avoid early Friday morning classes if you’re a super social person, because it can be a bit hard to get up for them (I say this from experience).

6. Keele can be intimidating, but there’s cool stuff there

I’m a Glendon student to my core.

I’ve never taken a course at Keele and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that bragging point.


There’s some pretty cool stuff going on there; such as: cultural events, sports stuff (a bunch of GL students are varsity athletes, so you should support them!), classes and there’s awesome food.

So you should hop on the shuttle and check it ouuuuuuut.

(The shuttle is actually a bus with GCSU President Mikhaela’s face on it, but it should be a rocket – that’d be cool.)

7. Once a Glendonite, always a Glendonite

Even if you’re only at Glendon in your first year and you change programs – Glendon will still love you and you’ll always be welcome back.

Glendon is more than just the classes or the buildings, its our home and our community.

So don’t fret if you want to switch it up, we’ll still love you and you’re still part of the York U family ❤

Glendon 'til I die.

His name is RICHARD and he is one fine looking cat 😉

Those are just 7 of the 100s of things you will learn over your time at our wonderful GL!

Are you a current/former Glendon student?! What else would you say – laisse moi know in the comments belooooooooow 😀

You’re probably wondering why I’m wasting your time with such a trivial post.


You tell me.

5 year crisis.

I’m alone in my friend Juan‘s room, chilling listening to Chance The Rapper, trying to decide what my next move should be.

I want to make stuff.

I want to talk to people.

I want to make people laugh.

I want to make dumb troll-y paint pictures of my friends forever.


My favourite half-unicorn, future YouTube super star & fellow eAmbassador/summertime office friend. Shiny Silver!

This is the first time in my life where I have NO idea what the next step is and its FREAKING ME OUT.

Mostly because I have far too many interests and not enough time!

So many of my friends (who graduated in 4 years) went to grad school, law school, post-grad college… its a big scary world out there  but at least they have a bit of direction.

I have no idea where I’m headed next.

(Re: The earlier blog post where I said I was sure about Teacher’s College LOL JK, not ready for more school yet!)

My 22nd birthday just passed and I was talking to one of my best friends (and a very wise dude), he said “I think we could be the first generation to think 22 years old is old.”

We all wanted to grow up so fast, well here we are folks.

I’ve been very lucky and while we joke about Liberal Arts, they’re awesome! I know that Glendon has helped me develop a ton of transferable skills.

Read about how awesome Liberal Arts are here!

Liberal Arts helps with developing critical thinking, problem solving and my leadership positions have helped me develop managerial skills. I have bilingual professional experience and I’ve made a ton of great connections!

Overall I’m not AS scared because I know I’m well prepared for the job market.

But, I’m still a big kid with bigger dreams and no real direction.

I’ll figure it out 🙂

The Apprentice theme song is relevant to my life right now.

Well its meant to be ironic, because I have no money.

The biggest downside of student life is how miserably broke and hungry you are.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. (Because I have no sugar.. Ha!)

This was my food timeline:

In 2nd year I lived off of Popcorn covered in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and Peanut Butter for 3 weeks at the end of the semester. (I still can’t look at peanut butter the same way).

In 3rd year KD was my best friend.

In 4th year I left Toronto for lengthy periods of time so I would be able to eat at home.

In 5th year, I’m actually buying groceries – but I’ve definitely been eating a lot of frozen pizza and Chef Boyardee.

However, fear not!

I am terrible with money and this is why I’ve suffered.

Use me as a cautionary tale (kind of like the town drunk of Sparta) and do as I say not as I do.

Here are my recommendations on how not to be broke in university:

1) Apply to every scholarship EVER


Seriously, apply for EVERYTHING. Free money = awesome.

Do it.

Do it.

Do it.

It’s actually a horrible idea NOT to. Any extra cash you get is incredibly helpful – trust moi.

Check out Glendon’s scholarships!

2) Get a job!

Working while you’re in school definitely helps, but don’t overdo it!

University is about balancing school, personal relationships, health and work. Make sure you don’t overwork yourself or one of those areas will suffer.

There are Work/Study positions on campus for students who are interested.

In my time at Glendon I’ve worked at the Glendon Athletic Centre, for the Residence Life Team as a Don and in Student Recruitment (come visit me!) but there are a MILLION other jobs available – check for postings in September and at the end of the academic year.

You can also check the Career Centre for job postings both on and off campus!

3) Budget!

Plan out your spending.

If you’re a commuter – bring a lunch!

If you’re in res – buy tokens!

There are small choices you can make every day to help save a bit of cash.

Here are some sample financial plans created by our Financial Services Office.


The Glendon College Students’ Union have worked hard to provide “GL Cards” to students!

They went around and got discounts from local businesses for Glendon students 🙂 drop by their office to get stickers to put on your YU Card.

You can also look for different special deals around the city!

There are student priced tickets for things like the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario, rush tickets for plays, student prices on food – all the things!

Do things like get your Post-secondary ID from the TTC so you aren’t paying for the Adult Metro Pass 🙂

Buy your books Used (when possible) and maybe even get a refurbished laptop – look for ways to save yourself money. You probably don’t need that iPad or those Beats, trust me you’ll make yourself hungry later.

5) Say no.

I HATE saying no to things.

But sometimes, I really should.

You don’t have to go to all of the parties, all of the events, all of the movie nights nor do you have to donate to all of the things – you’re a student and money is tight.

Do activities that involve staying in! Hang out and watch a movie, play board games, have a mini-dance party; you don’t have to go out to a pub just to have fun.

Heed my warnings future Glendonites, school is super expensive but its an investment in your future and education is important.

You can do it and not feed yourself exclusively with microwave popcorn.

I’m sure of it!

Good gracious, 26 hours and no caffeine later – I’m still awake.

I made it.

I conquered it.

I conquered the essay.


This adventure began at 9 pm last night. I had this terrifying 8 page essay – who’s handout I had merely gazed at for the past month.

“Yo, I can do that later”

“Whatever, its fine”

“My priorities right now are my tumblr and buzzfeed, assignments can wait.”

Guess when my essay was due?

In a week?


In a few days?


It was due today at noon (aka a university student’s morning).

9 pm: sitting on the couch, bored and staring at my roommate’s laptop screen (mine is under repair/should just die).

10 pm: Draft 1. I’m going to write my essay about FILMS, yes. Canadian Films… in MANITOBA! BRILLIANT.

10:30 pm: Draft 2. Nope, nope. I’m not going to do an essay about films. I don’t even understand the film class I’m in. Plus My Crazy Obsession is on.

11 pm: Draft 3. ART! I’m going to write my essay about the art scene… in Toronto, and look! There are so many readings on art, especially in Toronto!

11:30 pm: Nope. Nope. Not art.

12 am: I start chatting with my best friend. She’s trying to find ways to motivate me as I’ve been complaining about this stupid paper for the last 3 hours.

12:30 am: Draft 4. I’m going to write about the Métis! There we go problem solved.

1 am: OMG I don’t want to write this.

1:30 am: OMG I still don’t want to write this.

2 am: Okay, I can do this. No big deal.

2:30 – 5:00 am: I’m in a blur, all I can remember is reading a ton of articles and filing it all into this neat, passionate little essay.

5:30 am: I’M DONE! OMG YESSSS!!

6-7:30 am: K, this bed is comfortable but I’m not going to sleep.

8:30 am: Grammarly, you were totally worth paying for.

9 am: Yo, I should finish that other assignment.

10 am: Awww yeah it’s done!

10:30 am: Shower.

11:20 am: Catch the bus.

11:36 am: Get to Glendon.


My point is – don’t do that.

I’m so exhausted right now, but I finished the essay on time! I must say, I’m proud of the fact that I actually finished the assignment and I didn’t let my anxiety break me down. It probably wasn’t my best work, but it’s done and ON TIME! 

I’ve had a really bad habit in the past 2 years of just not handing in work, because it felt insurmountable – it’s not.

Even if you have to write a 2000 word essay in 5 hours.