As far as I know, I’ve graduated from Glendon. I mean, I got invited to convocation and I haven’t heard anything suggesting that I’ve done anything but graduate – but I won’t feel 100% confident until I receive absolute confirmation that I have finished this degree.

I left Toronto 3 weeks(?) ago.

In that time I took a test for a job that I do not have the skills for and did not pass this test.

I mean, I didn’t fail *miserably* but I didn’t reach the “competitive range”.

I went back down to the city for the first time as a tourist – going to the ACC for a City & Colour concert and the ROM (first time going to the ROM since elementary school and its after I left the city).

I had an interesting Mother’s Day.

I became really stressed out about finding a job.

I realised that there are no jobs that even require a uni degree anywhere I want to live.

I cried over how my degree has done nothing for me other than make me eligible for positions that high school graduates can get.

I cried some more over being a loser and taking 5 years to do a general BA.

I cried over: “Of course your degree is useless – I told you years ago that you should change programs and you *refused* to listen to me”. (Not the support I was looking for).


I have since become hell bent on getting a job with either Parks Canada or Ontario Parks.


I love being outside.

I loved interpreting to people where I used to work.

I love teaching people but I don’t want to be a teacher (right now).

I am resolute to find a job where my university degree will serve me and I refuse to have spent 5 years studying Canada for nothing.



Captain Canuck save me!

In the meantime, I’m going to have to find some kind of job so I can start paying back the insane debt I’ve wracked up over the last 5 years but I’m enjoying bumming around Western Ontario and hiding out at my girlfriend’s house.


PS: This is just a sassy post, there are plenty of good things going on right now, there will be another update soon.