Dear Toronto,

I’m breaking up with you.

You are a beautiful city and it has been a privilege to live in you for the past 5 years, however sadly our love affair is drawing to a close.

When I was 17 years old you seduced me with your bright lights, diverse population and delicious food.

I was mesmerized by your beautiful little bilingual campus – it echoed of home while I had the world at my doorstep.

Oh Glendon, you sexy beast you.

This little campus, tucked away in the Northern part of the city has been my home base for the past 5 years.

Glendon provided me a safe haven to let my rainbow flag fly and become the person I am today.

It introduced me to some of my best friends and some beautiful people who have fallen out of my life as the years have gone by.

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Korean BBQ


Olympics 2010 in Wood Residence after Team Canada beat the USA for Gold in Men’s hockey.


Snowball 2011


Road trip this summer with Glendon friends!



Working with these goofs for the past several years has been all kinds of amazing


Haunting The Unicorn pre-Frosh week

Glendon’s students elected me time and time again for various positions and entrusted me with the opportunity to travel across the city and province to represent them.


CFS Ontario meeting in 2010


Pride 2012 with my brother from another mother

GCSU council retreat 2013

GCSU council retreat 2013


Elections 2011

Election Poster things.

Election Poster 2012


Glgbt* 2010

Glendon’s employers hired me which allowed me to be fed and gave me the opportunity to share my love for this pretty little campus.


At the end of Don training in 2011


Telling people about the best bilingual school in Toronto!


Spirit Squad 2012


Frosh Week 2013 #REDTEAM

Oh Glendon, I’ve also loved you dearly. 

I even brought my friends from home down to visit her one summer!

However, our long time together is coming to an end. I’ve changed and you haven’t.

It’s come to a point where we just want different things in life.

I am sad. We have really great memories together.

I will always remember hanging out in the park behind the AGO on lazy summer afternoons.

And turning 19 and celebrating it in the village.

Hanging out at my friends’ houses at College and Bathurst.

Late night street meat and shawarma.

Sushi… pizza… real Italian food…!

Staying up all night for Nuit Blanche.

Nuit Blanche 2009

Nuit Blanche 2009

Heading down to hang out in front of the ACC to watch the Leafs play their final game of the playoffs with a bunch of Glendonites and 2000 other fans.


Leafs final game of the playoffs 2013

Seeing the late Jack Layton in 2011

Seeing the late Jack Layton in 2011

Then there are hundreds of events which I don’t have pictures of:

– riding the TTC at ungodly hours

– going to the AGO


– seeing movies at the TIFF Bell lightbox

– playing Cards Against Humanity at Snakes and Lattes

– nights out in the village

– going to Starbucks (those are actually pretty rare outside of Toronto)

– spending Canada Day on the beach

– the Distillery District

– checking out HotDocs

– treks out to Etobicoke

– walking around Little Italy

– strolling around Kensington

– taking my little brother to the Army Surplus store…

I love you and I would not trade my experience of living in this city for anything.

It was an excellent place to come of age and discover myself.

You gave me opportunities that were unique only to you and I’m proud to have lived in the largest city in Canada.

No matter where I go next, your cityscape has been inscribed in my memory.

I started off not even knowing how to pay for the bus and now I’m comfortable heading anywhere in the city. It was quite the learning curve, but now I feel comfortable using public transit anywhere in the world.

Toronto you have shown me a lot of love over the past 5 years and its not you, its me.

I’m homesick for quiet nights, I miss bonfires and the silence of a small town.

Its hard to compete with somewhere as beautiful and serene as this.

Its hard to compete with somewhere as beautiful and serene as this.

I miss the fresh air.

I’m weary of the TTC.

I’m fed up with your mayor.

And most importantly, I’m ready for some new adventures.

Toronto, I will always love you – I’m just no longer *in love* with you.

With all of my love,